Venue Address
Yanping Riverside Park (Between gate no.3 and  no.5 in Tamsui River)


How to get here

Parking is not provided. Public Transportation is strongly recommended. 

Public Transportation

● MRT :

  •      Green Line (Songshan-Xindian)

From MRT Station G13 (Beimen), walk westward about 5 minutes on Civic Blvd to gate no.3.

  •      Orange Line (Zhonghe-Xinlu)

(1) From MRT Station O12 (Daqiaotou), walk westward on Sec. 2, Yanping N. Rd turn right on Minsheng W. Rd. Walk westward gate no.5 (Total about 25 minutes' walk )

(2) From MRT Station O12 (Daqiaotou):From Exit No.2, walk toward the bus stop of "MRT Daqiaotou Station" and take any of bus of 2、215、223、288shuttle、300、302、304Chongqing、641、704、757、9、Chongqing Metro Bus, etc buses to the venue nearby area Minzu and Chongqing Intersection.

  •      Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi)

(1)From MRT Station R12 (Shuanglian), Walk about 25 minutes westward on Minsheng W. Rd to l Gate no.5.

(2)From MRT Station R12 (Shuanglian):Take Exit No.2, walk toward Mackay Memorial Hospital bus stop and take any bus of 42、811、Minsheng Metro Bus、R33 to Blessed Imelda Girls High School then walk on Minsheng W. Rd to Gate no.5.

  •      MRT Station R11/G14 (Zhongshan)

(1)Walk westward on Nanjing W. Rd toward and turn right on Xining N. Rd and.  Walk northward to Minsheng W. Rd and turn left to Gate no.5.(Total about 30 minutes' walk )

(2)From MRT Station R11/G14 (Zhongshan):Take Exit.5, walk to bus stop"MRT Zhongshan Station. (Zhiren High School)" and transfer any of 288shuttle、306、306shuttle、636 to Minsheng and Chongqing Intersection, walk on  Minsheng W. Rd then turn left to Gate no.5.


● Train, bus, Taiwan High Speed Rail

Get off from MRT Station BL12/R10 (Taipei Main Station) and take any of the  follwing:

(1)Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi): MRT Station R12 (Shuanglian)
(2)Green Line (Songshan-Xindian)MRT Station G13 (Beimen)
(3)Orange Line (Zhonghe-Xinlu):MRT Daqiaotou Station(O12)


City roads control ( 2 sections) 

First section: 8/3(Sat) 

The following street closures will be required from 18:00-23:00

Northward to Liangzhou St.(Liangzhou St.not included)、Eastward to Yanping N. Rd.-Tacheng St. (Yanping N. Rd.、Tacheng St. not included)、 Westward to the ease of Huanhe S. Rd.,、Huanhe N. Rd.,(road included)、Southward toZhongxiao W. Rd. (Zhongxiao W. Rd. not included)。

Second section: 8/3 (Sat) 

Checkpoint at Chengde Rd. andMinsheng W. Rd. intersection. Westbound traffic are closed from 20:25-21:45.


●Cars and Motorcycles Control 

8/3(Sat) Gate 3 to Gate 5, 06:00 to 16:30: Traffic inbound allowed only. Gate 1 to Gate 6, 16:30 to 23:00: Total Closure。


8/3(Sat)23:00 to 8/4(Sun)16:30: Gate 3 to Gate 5: traffic controlled. 8/4 (Sun) 16:30-23: 00: Total Closure for Traffic


8/3(Sat)23:00 to 8/4(Sun)23:00,Gate 3: Northbound Traffic is not allowed. 

●Bicycles Control

8/2(Fri)12:00 to 8/5(Mon)18:00,Outside of Gate 3 to Gate 5 embankment area, bike riding is not allowed. Only bike walking, wheeling or pushing is allowed. 

8/3(Sat)16:30 to 23:00,From Gate 1 to Gate 6、Taipei Bridge from New Taipei City bicycle ramp and SHEZI Island entrance, bike lane and Dihua Sports Park cross-embankment viewing platform: No bicycles are allowed.


●Pedestrian Control 

8/3(Sat)18:00-23:00,Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant bridge will be cleared;19:00-21:00 Zhongxiao Bridge sidewalk will be closed.

8/3(Sat)17:00-23:00,Total Closure: Gate 4 will be paramedic emergency pathway only.


●Parking Control

1. 8/2(Fri)12:00-8/4(Sun)24:00,Gate 3 to Gate 5, Outside of embankment parking and road will be cleared for closure and parking will not be available.

2. 8/3 (Sat) 12:00-23:00, parking control as following:

(1) Minsheng W. Rd. (Yanping N. Rd. to Chongqing N. Rd) roadsides:

No parking/temporary parking will be available.

 (2) Minsheng W. Rd. (Huanhe N. Rd. to Chongqing N. Rd.)、Yanping N. Rd. (Minquan W. Rd. to Zhongxiao W. Rd.): No parking on holiday yellow zone and regular zone. 

 (3) Chongqing N. Rd (Minquan W. Rd. to Zhongxiao W. Rd.): No parking on roadsides and holiday yellow zone. 

● YouBike No services :8/3(Sat)17:00-23:00, YouBike Yongle Market、Dadaocheng Park、Taipei City Hospital (Zhongxing Branch) and MRT Beimen Sta. (Exit.3) will be no services.

●Lodge info 
For detailed information please visit Travel Taipei website :